HubSpot Inbound 2023 Recap

Sep 11, 2023

I was lucky enough to be able to attend this year’s HubSpot Inbound conference in Boston. As usual, it was a great conference with a good mix of education, networking and entertainment.

After three days at the conference, I prepared a list of takeaways/trends that were highly visible at this year’s conference.

Unsurprisingly, AI dominated the conference sessions

If you were to do a quick scan of the session names on the conference agenda, you may have thought AI was actually used to generate a majority of the session titles because the term appeared so frequently. That being said, the new technology will undoubtedly change the way marketers work, now and in the future.

From a plethora of new HubSpot tools to strategies and tactics for using existing AI tools, there was no shortage of AI insights’ at this year’s conference.

Choosing the right AI tool for the right job will be key to marketers’ future success

With more and more AI tools to choose from, understanding which is the right tool for the right job will be critical. Going forward, spending hours searching for just the right stock image can be a thing of the past in many cases where generative AI solutions can provide a reasonable alternative in just a few seconds.

But understanding the context around each task will be important and AI is obviously not going to be the solution for every scenario. The need for photo shoots, custom products shots, etc., will not go away. However, creating a blog post with a generic image of conference attendees should take less time than it did a few years ago.

AI doesn’t mean traditional digital marketing tactics are going away

The conference did spend plenty of time discussing more traditional digital marketing tactics and there were many great sessions on email marketing, SEO, paid search and more. Understanding the correct strategy behind these tactics will be key to future marketing success.

No matter how great an email AI drafted for you, it matters very little if you are sending it to a poor quality list at the wrong time with the wrong techniques used in your subject line.

Time management and team management will be more important than ever

While we can individually get more done with AI, managing the human element of marketing projects and getting the most out of your team’s talent will be what sets successful marketing departments apart.

If AI puts more time back in our workday, maximizing those additional hours is going to be the difference between those marketing teams that succeed and those that lag behind.

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